Welcome to the Wyoming Pure Natural Beef Blog!

We have decided to share a little more about our day to day (or week to week) operations with you as well as a great beef recipe once in a while. Let’s start with our family! Wyoming Pure was started by the Goertz family, Gregor & Cindy Goertz and their children Jason, Matt, and Tori in 2004. As with most agricultural operations, it’s a family affair. Gregor and Cindy wanted to expand the ranch/farm business to include the whole family so that everyone could stay involved. The operation has now expanded to include Jason’s wife Kim and children Cole and Laynie, Matt’s wife Kim and their children Connor, Dane, and Luke, and Tori’s husband Ricky. We also have a part-time employee, Morgan, who helps us inventory, package, and deliver meat, as well as helps with advertising. As the weeks go on we will share a little more about each family.