This motto guides the way we raise our wholesome, natural beef at Wyoming Pure. Our beef is tender, flavorful and organically raised so that you and your family can enjoy it without worrying about any potentially harmful additives.

Wyoming Pure, LLC is a small business owned and operated by the Goertz family of Wheatland, Wyoming. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture by selling beef directly to people like you.

Wholesome Beef Raised Nature's Way

Wyoming Pure Natural Beef is a local meat business owned and operated by the Goertz family in Wheatland, WY. Our family is the only producer of Wyoming Pure Natural Beef. We produce a high-quality product and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our all natural beef graze on pastureland or forage crops on our ranch and farm. The cattle are finished on grains raised on our farm and ranch or other producers here in southeastern Wyoming. The cattle are never given synthetic hormones or antibiotics. We manage our ranch in an eco-friendly manner and are dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture.

Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility where it is allowed to naturally dry-age for 21 days. The dry-aging process ensures great flavor and tenderness.
Wyoming Pure Natural Beef a member of the Grown in Wyoming Program.

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