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Welcome to the Wyoming Pure Natural Beef Blog!

We have decided to share a little more about our day to day (or week to week) operations with you as well as a great beef recipe once in a while. Let's start with our family! Wyoming Pure was started by the Goertz family, Gregor & Cindy Goertz and their children Jason, Matt, and Tori in 2004. As with most agricultural operations, it's a family affair. Gregor and Cindy wanted to expand the ranch/farm business to include the whole family so that everyone could stay involved. The operation has now expanded to include Jason's wife Kim and children Cole and Laynie, Matt's wife Kim and their children Connor, Dane, and Luke, and Tori's husband Ricky. We also have a part-time employee, Morgan, who helps us inventory, package, and deliver meat, as well as helps with advertising. As the weeks go on we will share a little more about each family.

April 2020

There has been so much going on here, I really thought I should keep track of all that’s happened.  We started hearing about Covid-19 in February, but weren’t sure how it would really affect us.  By March 6, we were beginning to realize this Corona virus was going to have a dramatic affect on all of us.

Activities across the state were being cancelled every day and businesses started to shut down. It became difficult to find groceries and at that same time our beef sales started going crazy.  We got calls and emails and orders started coming thru on the website. We sold out quickly and our March delivery of beef was sold out in 10 days.  We were thrilled to be able to offer our beef to customers old and new.

Since we do our own local delivering, the process for that became a little more challenging.  We enjoy doing our deliveries and being able to meet our customers in person and visit about our product.  But as the virus concern became more serious, we had to change the process.  We still offer local delivery, but no face to face delivery.  Our customers are notified when to expect delivery and then notified when the package is delivered.  It’s not the personal service we like to offer, but for now, this will be the norm.

We plan to have more beef in inventory very soon and we’re hoping to be able to keep up.  This is such a strange time for all of us.  We look forward to the day when we can all feel “normal” again.  It’s spring now and the grass is turning green and spring gives us the hope of new beginnings.  We hope that is the case for our family and for yours too.  Stay healthy, stay safe and eat beef!

Until next time.


HelloWe are well into the month of June, but it still feels like March and April weather.  It’s only 62 degrees here today and we should be close to 80 by now.  Spring has really been slow to start but we have had some very beneficial moisture. The grass is finally starting to grow and looks like it will be a great grass year.  The winter wheat is very late, but looking good as well.  I think wheat harvest will be at least 10 days later than normal.  However, the weather here can change in a matter of hours, so if it turns hot and dry, my prediction could be way off! We have one more group of cows left to calve and will have a branding for that group later.  The rest of the calves have been branded and are on summer grass as well as the yearlings.  The cattle work has slowed down a little and now the farming portion of the operation is getting going. On another front, we are in the process of getting a new walk-in freezer.  It’s been a bit a challenge to get it installed where we wanted to put it.  We’re getting close to getting all the kinks worked out and Morgan and I are both really excited to be able to use the new freezer!  I’m attaching a few pictures of what has been happening here for the past few weeks.  It’s always a busy time here!


Spring in Wyoming

It’s springtime in Wyoming and calving season is in full swing.  Spring in Wyoming can mean 70 degrees one day and a blizzard the next.  We experienced this a couple of weeks ago.
The weather forecast called for 18-20 inches of snow and 50-60 mph winds.  The day before the storm was a beautiful spring day.  It was almost 70 degrees with no wind and it was hard to believe the forecast.  The nice days ahead of the storm, gave us time to prepare and make sure the cattle were safe and taken care of. The cattle were moved to where they could be fed easily and have good protection from the storm.

The blizzard started almost on cue and was exactly as predicted.  It just didn’t last quite as long as we had thought it might and that was a good thing.  Jason and Kim worked day and night to help heifers that were calving.  Lots of babies were born during the storm and they saved them all.

Thank goodness spring storms don’t last long.  The weather cleared, the days are longer and a little warmer.  The baby calves are loving the sunshine and running and playing.

We feel so blessed that we were able to get through the blizzard the way we did.  Our neighbors to the east in Nebraska have suffered devastating losses.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them.

Today is Wednesday and temperatures are in the mid 70’s but we’re expecting snow and winter conditions on Friday.  Springtime in Wyoming!


Harvest Time – 2018

Harvest-2018Wow!  It has been an interesting wheat harvest this year to say the least.  We were officially in the field on July 14th.  That was seventeen days ago, and we still aren’t done!  Typically harvest would last 6-10 days.  Wheat harvest always creates so many wonderful memories every year, and this year hasn’t been any different.


There have only been a few days when the harvest crew has been able to have a good day in the field.  The weather has been our biggest obstacle this year.  It has rained (a lot), it has been humid (not normal), and of course equipment is always a challenge.  Gregor, Jason, Kim, Cole, Laynie, Connor, Dane, and Luke, along with a few hired men have been working hard to bring the crop into the grain bins in a timely

manner despite all the challenges.  Gregor’s nephew, Taylor came up from Colorado with his children Tanner and Jayden to help with harvest as well.  Taylor and his family enjoy coming up to help, be with family, and stay connected to the farming traditions.

Dinner-timeCindy has spent her time in the kitchen, shuffling vehicles and people, and keeping up with Wyoming Pure orders.  It is always a challenge to decide what meals to take to the field at night and to feed the entire harvest crew.  We typically take a hot evening meal to the field because the crew doesn’t have time to stop and come to the house to eat dinner.  This year Cindy has made, Mexican Lasagna, Tater Tot Casserole, Chicken Enchilada Casserole, brisket sandwiches with cheesy potatoes, and much more.

We hope to be finished with harvest by August 3rd, but there is cool weather and rain forecasted between now and then.  It is also county fair this week, so we will definitely be busy. We’ll see you next month with updates on harvest, fair, and maybe some recipes!