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We are well into the month of June, but it still feels like March and April weather.  It’s only 62 degrees here today and we should be close to 80 by now.  Spring has really been slow to start but we have had some very beneficial...

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Spring in Wyoming

It’s springtime in Wyoming and calving season is in full swing.  Spring in Wyoming can mean 70 degrees one day and a blizzard the next.  We experienced this a couple of weeks ago. The weather forecast called for 18-20 inches of snow and 50-60 mph...

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Harvest Time – 2018

Wow!  It has been an interesting wheat harvest this year to say the least.  We were officially in the field on July 14th.  That was seventeen days ago, and we still aren’t done!  Typically harvest would last 6-10 days.  Wheat harvest always...

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