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Frequently Asked Questions

Wyoming Pure is one of the only companies that prices your bulk beef based on the actual amount of take-home beef that you get (rather than the hanging weight) of the animal. This means that we take care of all processing costs and you do not have to pay for the weight of: bones, fat, or other waste.

Today, the cost of a half beef will be between $1940-$2089, and is our most cost-effective way to feed your family wholesome beef. A complete list of our prices can be found here.

We take pride in our feeding process, and believe that it creates some of the best-tasting and most sustainable beef that you’ll ever have.


Our cattle are raised on Wyoming prairie grass for the majority of their life. About four months before they head to the butcher, they are finished on a carefully-crafted grain mixture. Finishing on this blend creates incredibly flavorful beef that is consistently high-quality.

No, we want the best-tasting and highest quality beef for your family. Your beef will always be free of growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. 

Sometimes cattle in our herd get sick and the best way to ensure their care and well-being is to provide antibiotics. Each of the animals treated with antibiotics are separated from the herd, and after the appropriate withdrawal period for the antibiotics to clear their system, are sold through the conventional cattle market.

No, mRNA vaccines are not currently used for cattle. If or when these vaccines become available, our commitment to providing the best-tasting and highest quality beef to your family will remain the same. We do not have plans to implement these vaccines at any time.

Yes! We can ship beef nationwide. Your shipping costs are based on the weight of the products you purchase and your location. We ship every Monday and Tuesday via UPS.

We have spent nearly 115 years fine-tuning our cattle genetics to ensure our customers receive the most flavorful and most tender beef. We use angus and red angus cross cattle and are proud of the quality they consistently deliver.

Black Cow

The cattle are never given synthetic hormones or antibiotics.

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