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DIY Valentine's Beef Jerky Bouquet

Beef Jerky Bouquet


Is my husband the only one that hates chocolate? Given the choice between dessert and dinner, he always chooses more dinner! This is great when I get to eat his dessert, but makes finding something for him on Valentine’s Day a little more tricky. Knowing this, a couple of years ago I decided that making a Beef Jerky Bouquet would be the PERFECT thing! I scoured the internet for a cute and functional tutorial on how I could make this DIY Jerky Bouquet with no luck. So, I got out my skewers and craft paper and got creative. 

They turned out to be the absolute cutest gift I think I have ever gotten him, and he absolutely LOVED that there was enough savory jerky and snack sticks to last him for weeks. In fact, this gift went over so well that we decided to start selling them through our store. They were a HUGE hit – it seemed like other women were having the same Valentine’s Day struggle with their loved ones.


This year, since we are trying something new with our BEEF Mine Box – a heart-shaped chocolate box filled with Jerky and Snack Sticks  we thought we would share our “secret” to making the absolute CUTEST Valentine’s Day Beef Jerky Bouquets. Your carnivore-sweetie is guaranteed to love this flower-and-chocolate-alternative. And, this gift will be even better knowing you gave him the best-tasting, hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef that you can find. This Valentine’s Day gift simple cannot be beat! Keep reading for our step-by-step instructions:


Here’s what you’ll need for Jerky Bouquets:

  • Butcher’s Paper or Wrapping Paper
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Wooden skewer sticks
  • Your favorite Valentine’s Day ribbon
  • Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Any other Valentine’s decoration you like – we chose cute glitter heart sticks
Beef Jerky Bouquet

Prep-Work for Jerky Bouquets

First, we make the “bones” of the bouquet. This is done by attaching one wooden skewer to the back of each package of jerky and/or snack sticks. Place the skewer so that it comes about halfway up the back of each package and secure with packing tape. For our bouquets, we used 3 packages of Jerky and 3 packages of Snack Sticks – we found that this was the easiest combination to work with. 

***NOTE: you may need to tape the bottom corners of the jerky packages so that they fit in the bouquet a little better – after you tape them, they should look like a “home plate” or upside down pentagon***

Assemble your Skewers for Jerky Bouquets

Now, that our jerky and snack sticks are attached firmly to the skewers, we will assemble the skewers together. We will do this in two sections. 

First, take two packages of jerky and a package of snack sticks and assemble so that the three packages make a “pyramid” with the snack sticks laying on top. You’ll want the skewers to cross so they make a six-pointed star. Wrap packing tape around the intersection of the skewers several times to secure this section. You might also be able to use hot glue, although I’m not sure that it will be sturdy enough.
Next, assemble the remaining two packages of snack sticks and one package of jerky in the same fashion, except with the jerky on the “top” of the pyramid. Secure this section with packing tape again by wrapping it around the intersection several times.

Finally, place the two sections on top of each other and secure both together by wrapping plenty of packing tape around where the lines cross.


***Try your best to make the bouquet feel as sturdy as possible, but realize that it still might feel a little weak. Don’t worry – it will stabilize some as we add paper***

Beef Jerky Bouqet

Wrap the Jerky Bouquet

Now we are getting to the cute and creative part of the process! You’ll take your butcher’s paper or wrapping paper and place the bouquet on top, measuring and cutting out out two pieces that are the same height and width of the jerky and snack stick assembly. If you’ve ever wrapped a floral bouquet before, you’ll understand how this is done. For those that haven’t, the best way for us to explain is to follow this tutorial for wrapping the bouquet using our wrapping paper and tissue paper. 

If you choose not to watch the tutorial, lay one of the cut pieces of butcher/wrapping paper down and set a piece of tissue on top of it, so that the corner of the tissue paper forms a point in the middle of the wrapping paper. Then set your bouquet in the middle and use your hand to gather the paper around the handle of the bouquet, where the skewers all cross. Secure this with packing tape. 

Then, take your second cut piece of butcher/wrapping paper and cut in half again. Place one piece around the handle  of the bouquet with another sheet of tissue paper on top and use your hand to bunch and gather around the handle and secure with tape again. Use the remaining piece of butcher/wrapping paper to repeat this process one more time. 

Finally, wrap your Valentine’s Day ribbon around the handle to cover the packing tape and bring the bouquet together. We used two types of ribbon and tied a bow. We also added a glittery-heart skewer underneath the ribbon – but you can add any additional decor that you like. 

Your Jerky Bouquet is ready to send to someone you love! We hope your loved ones love this gift as much as ours did! If this seems like a little too much work, feel free to check out our pre-made Valentine’s Day specials that are 100% assembled and ready to ship to your loved one!
Beef Jerky Bouquet