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We are well into the month of June, but it still feels like March and April weather. It’s only 62 degrees here today and we should be close to 80 by now. Spring has really been slow to start but we have had some very beneficial moisture. The grass is finally starting to grow and looks like it will be a great grass year. The winter wheat is very late, but looking good as well. I think wheat harvest will be at least 10 days later than normal. However, the weather here can change in a matter of hours, so if it turns hot and dry, my prediction could be way off! We have one more group of cows left to calve and will have a branding for that group later. The rest of the calves have been branded and are on summer grass as well as the yearlings. The cattle work has slowed down a little and now the farming portion of the operation is getting going. On another front, we are in the process of getting a new walk-in freezer. It’s been a bit a challenge to get it installed where we wanted to put it. We’re getting close to getting all the kinks worked out and Morgan and I are both really excited to be able to use the new freezer! I’m attaching a few pictures of what has been happening here for the past few weeks. It’s always a busy time here!