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Roots and Ranch: Our History

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It’s hard to believe that our ranch has been sharing our all-natural beef, raised without hormones or antibiotics, for nearly two decades. We have been reminiscing on the simple beginnings of Wyoming Pure, and on our family. For this blog post, we thought we would share a short summary of our roots and ranching legacy, and our commitment to producing the finest, most delicious, and most natural beef.

The Early Ranch Years

Our hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef has been sold directly from our ranch for nearly 20 years, but we have actually been farming and raising cattle for much, much longer. The earliest stages of our heritage started with a wheat crop. Gregor began farming wheat with his father in his 20s on the family farm that had been passed down for generations. For 50 years, Gregor has cultivated his love for working with the land in a sustainable way to raise his crops. Our farm has always had a focus on natural and sustainable products, and most of our crops are certified organic.

Cindy and Gregor were married in the 70s and are no strangers to perseverance. Having only been married a few short years when the 80s hit, they faced  sky-high interest rates and went toe-to-toe with a nearly impossible farming economy, all while welcoming three beautiful children into their family. Looking back, they didn’t have a lot of extra money, but the fond memories of growing through struggle is something that they valued more than gold. If you ask Cindy about this experience, she replies with a tender smile, “Somehow we made it through, just like we always do”. 

Learning to Grow

Looking for ways to diversify their operation after a difficult decade of farming in the 80s, they turned to raising cattle in the 90s. The grassy pastures on the high plains of Wyoming are a great climate for raising cattle, producing some of the finest beef the country has to offer. They raised their crops, their beef, and their babies, learning something new every step of the way.

In 2004, after about 10 years of enjoying the one-of-a-kind taste of their all-natural, ranch-raised beef, they noticed that not everyone was able to experience the health benefits and the exceptional taste of ranch-raised beef. They decided that everyone should be able to have a chance to feed their families in the same wholesome way that they did, and they decided to diversify their operation yet again. They hoped to provide an opportunity for every family to feel good about the beef that they were eating, knowing that it was fed hearty grass on the Wyoming plains and was raised without hormones or antibiotics. They opened Wyoming Pure Natural Beef with the hope that they could share their love for beef and family to everyone. 

As one of the first farm-to-table beef companies of its kind, we have seen tremendous growth and have learned even more. We began by processing about 10 head a year. As their beef became more popular, we have grown into providing 150 head of cattle per year to families around the United States. We hope to keep growing and sharing our beef with more families across the nation.

young farmer getting dinner from the back of the car during harvest

Fond Ranch Memories

Looking back over the years, it’s hard to choose the favorite memories of the family farm and ranch, but working together with family and friends to harvest the wheat and brand the cattle are something that always makes the top of the list. During these busy jobs, it’s all hands on deck and even extended family members and distant friends come to help the jobs get done. Spending long hours with those you love is sure to bring lots of laughs (and sometimes tears) and always brings the best memories.

If you ask Cindy and Tori what their favorite parts of getting to run this business are, they both will emphatically say that they love the opportunity to engage with their customers. Many of their customers have become close friends, and they have loved getting to watch their families grow. There is something special about getting to deliver a hard-earned piece of your ranch for others to enjoy.

Our commitment to providing the finest all-natural beef that is hormone and antibiotic free is more than just a business practice, it’s a way of life.  Our legacy is one of stewardship, sustainability, and a deep-rooted passion for producing healthy and environmentally beef with the best flavor. We hope that as you taste and enjoy our beef that you can feed the pride we take in giving you a piece of our ranch.