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Welcoming New Life: Exploring the Beauty of Calving Season

As the seasons change and the temperatures begin to rise, ranchers and farmers eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring – not just for the warmer weather, but for the beginning of calving season. In Wyoming the weather is always changing and you never really know if spring will bring warmer temperatures or winter blizzards. This magical time is marked by the birth of new calves, symbolizing renewal and growth in the agricultural world. This time of year is significant and can bring challenges and joy, but is essential for sustaining the cattle industry.

The Importance of Calving Season:

Calving season is a crucial period in the agricultural calendar. Our herds start calving in late February/early March while other herds calve in May. This is when pregnant cows give birth to their calves, and the process is carefully managed to ensure the health and well-being of both the mother and the newborn. The timing is strategic, allowing calves to be born during milder weather conditions, reducing the risk of health complications.

Challenges We Face:

While the season is filled with excitement and the promise of new life, it also presents challenges. We must be vigilant in monitoring pregnant cows, providing adequate nutrition, and preparing for potential complications during the birthing process. Late nights and early mornings become the norm as we work tirelessly to assist with deliveries and ensure the health of the newborns. As I mentioned earlier, mother nature often likes to bring winter blizzards in the mix. If there is a storm we take time to prepare pastures and water ahead of time to ensure the cattle can stay warm and have plenty of feed. During a storm we try to check the cattle regularly to monitor for issues. There have been times in the past when a storm is so bad that we are unable to check the cattle. Those times are extremely stressful, and we can only hope for the best when we are eventually able to head out and check on everyone and everything.

Joyful Moments and Celebrations:

Despite the challenges, calving season is filled with moments of pure joy. Witnessing a calf take its first steps, nuzzle against its mother, and join the herd is a heartwarming experience. It’s a time of celebration, as the success of a calving season contributes to the sustainability of the ranch and the livelihood of our family.

Environmental Stewardship:

Calving season is also an opportunity to highlight our commitment to environmental stewardship. Sustainable practices, proper land management, and ethical treatment of animals contribute to the long-term health of the land and ensure that future generations can continue the tradition of beef production.


Calving season is a time of renewal, growth, and celebration in the agricultural world. It represents our dedication to our animals, the resilience of the beef industry, and the circle of life on the farm. As we appreciate the beauty of new life on the ranch, we must also recognize the hard work and passion of our family and employees that goes into ensuring a successful beef calving season year after year.