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What a Whirlwind...

August flew by in the blink of an eye, and boy was it busy!  We were in the middle of one of the longest wheat harvests on record as the month began. It rained a little or a lot almost every day for over a week!  We love rain, but this meant we were unable to be in the wheat field. Eventually, we were able to get all the wheat out of the fields. From start to finish wheat harvest was three and a half weeks long! (Usually, it takes just over a week.)

Harvest time means all hands-on deck! Often, they are not able to get on the combine until close to noon, so we take the harvest crew a hot meal at dinner time to allow them to eat and continue working. Everyone loves being involved.

During wheat harvest came the Platte County Fair.  Five of the eight grandchildren participated this year. They showed market steers, market goats, and entered cooking projects.  Everyone did an excellent job, had fun, and of course learned a lot. We all enjoy supporting them and all the kids of Platte County throughout the week.

All the kids have now headed back to school and it’s time to start planting next year’s wheat crop. September is looking to be another busy month with planting, moving cattle, and following kid’s sporting activities.